Paintings with Reflections

For many years I worked in watercolor. It is not an easy medium to handle, however it is fast and easy to take around especially working outdoors, and plein air painting was my primary focus in the early days. A long period of producing bad paintings caused me to try different media and styles of painting. I broke out of the slump and went into a highly creative period. For the first time I noticed things that I didn't pay attention to before. Suddenly many parts of the house interested me as subject matter to paint, the windows, doorways, stairs, hallway, looking in , looking out. It was the most exciting time of my life. My life revolves around the home and family, and the environment around the home. I am tied to these subjects emotionally and spiritually. You may see an empty room but you sense the people that use that space. It is a lived in space. I also became aware of reflections. Instead of seeing through a glass I saw into it. Here reality became backward or distorted or reflected something outside my vision. It opened up a new way of seeing. Working with acrylic also changed the way I used color. My pallet became brighter and more subtle. I became aware of warm cool relationship and color as value and intensity.

I will be updating this page with the paintings we have in hand, and then list the paintings as they are sorted out. Most of paintings will be for sale Online.. Maybe on Etsy or Ebay. I can also install a Paypal button for a direct sale. I will be monitering this email: to help answer any questions.

#284 'Box II' by Audrey Bechler Eugene, OR