Paintings of Farms and Homesteads

Hi.. I'm Douglas Bechler, I am helping my mom get her paintings online... Do to my mom's old age, she has lost her fastball. She has moved on to Oregon, to enjoy the more temperate weather. In the process of moving, she has stored her many paintings. I will be updating this page with the paintings we have in hand, and list more paintings as they are sorted out. Most of paintings will be for sale Online.. Maybe on Etsy or Ebay. I can also install a Paypal button for a direct sale. I will be monitering this email: to help answer any questions.

#640 'Rock Garden' by Audrey Bechler Eugene, OR

"Rock Garden"   14" x 10"

#534 'Windy Day' by Audrey Bechler Eugene, OR

"Windy Day"   22" x 17"