Seascape Paintings

I have always been drawn to and connected to water, salt water, moving tidal water. I have lived within sight of water most of my life. It nourishes my soul.. I prefer a quiet cove, reflections, an intermit peaceful place. How I feel about this place has to do with my own quiet personality. I observe the cove in all kinds of atmospheric conditions, in all seasons. I will always be excited every time I go to the same place because it will look different. You will see the same island in many of my paintings. I love it’s shape and it’s relationship to it’s surroundings, of granite shore and fir trees.

I will be updating this page with the paintings we have in hand, and then list more paintings as they are sorted out. Most of paintings will be for sale Online.. Maybe on Etsy or Ebay. I can also install a Paypal button for a direct sale. I will be monitering this email: to help answer any questions.

584 'Impact' by Audrey Bechler Eugene, OR

"Impact"   24" x 24"

545 'Moving Energy' by Audrey Bechler Eugene, OR

"Moving Energy"   24" x 24"