Landscapes Paintings

The traditional landscapes I paint are scenes from around the area where I live. I paint on location, from sketches and from memory. There are three things that excite me about a scene, the color, the shapes and light. A painting represents the subject according to my interpretation. Emotional excitement creates the spark. The painting develops from the intuition and knowledge of composition, the results being a balanced, harmonious picture. It is the act of painting, creating, that finalizes a painting, that gives me satisfaction, and hopefully communicates with all who see it.

#580 'Marsh in Fall' by Audrey Bechler Eugene, OR

"Marsh in Fall"   14" x 18"

#469 'Fall Shadows II' by Audrey Bechler Eugene, OR

"Fall Shadows II"   24" x 30"

#290 'Spring Landscape' by Audrey Bechler Eugene, OR

"Spring Landscape"   16" x 20"